The NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code and O*NET (Occupational Information Network) code serve different purposes in categorizing and classifying economic activities:

  1. NAICS Code:
    • Purpose: NAICS is a standardized system government agencies use to classify businesses and industries based on their primary economic activities.
    • Scope: It categorizes businesses into hierarchical industry codes, providing a standardized method for collecting, analyzing, and reporting economic data. Each code represents a specific industry or sector.
    • Application: NAICS codes are used for statistical reporting, economic analysis, government procurement, and general classification of businesses for regulatory purposes.

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O*NET Codes

    • Purpose: O*NET is a system that classifies and describes occupations, focusing on the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for various jobs.
    • Scope: It provides detailed information about occupations, including job tasks, work activities, required skills, education levels, etc. O*NET codes are specific to individual occupations and serve as a standardized way to reference different jobs.
    • Application: O*NET codes are used for career exploration, workforce development, and to match individuals with suitable occupations based on their skills and interests. They are utilized in career guidance, training programs, and various employment-related services.

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