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We aim to cultivate ongoing enthusiasm and expansion within our industry by providing structured programs for educated and skilled individuals, starting from high school and extending beyond.

The Department of Labor (DOL)

The significance of the Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeship Programs lies in their provision of a well-organized and efficient means for individuals to acquire practical skills and knowledge in a particular trade or industry, all while earning a wage.

Apprenticeship Participation

Participating in a DOL-registered apprenticeship offers individuals on-the-job training, technical instruction, and industry-recognized credentials, benefiting both individuals and employers by creating a pool of highly skilled workers, enhancing productivity and competitiveness.

Moreover, DOL Apprenticeship Programs positively impact the economy by addressing the skills gap, increasing access to well-paying jobs. With a proven track record of success, participants report high job satisfaction and ample career advancement opportunities.

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The registered apprenticeship programs are structured, trade focused and customizable by employers, (Sponsor/Signatory).


  • Retired Workers: Do you have positions in which highly skilled workers will be retiring soon?
  • Career Advancment: Are there career advancement avenues for your entry-level workers?
  • Diversity: Do you have difficulty attracting new and more diverse talent?
  • Attracting New Talent: Do you want to find a more attractive way to recruit candidates away from you competitors?
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Strategic Partnerships

Developing strategic partnerships with organizations that can help build and develop our industry workforce is vital. Organizations like YouScience, which has a strong presence in the U.S. school system, are important for achieving successful outcomes for the Live Events Industry. By partnering with YouScience, the industry can leverage the network of schools and students to fast-track its efforts to build a certificate program for pre-qualifying, good-fitting candidates for work in the Exhibitions and Events Industry

The certificate program also provides a valuable opportunity to lay the foundation for the DOL Apprenticeship Program. By providing training and education that leads to a livable wage and a rewarding future, the program can help to attract and retain talented individuals in the industry and to build a skilled workforce for the future.

Overall, strategic partnerships with organizations like YouScience are crucial for the Exhibitions and Events Industry success, as they help to build relationships with key stakeholders, provide access to resources and expertise, and support the industry’s efforts to grow and thrive.


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Industry workers and engineers

Registered Apprenticeship Programs

  • Federal and State specific DOL approved.
  • Key Components
    • Business involvement
      Programs conducted and customized by employer (Sponsor/Signatory) Can use incumbent workers or new hires
    • Structured ON-THE-JOB Training (OJT)
      Time Based and/or Competency
    • Related Training & Instruction (RI)
      In-person or online
    • Rewards for skills gained
      “Earn-while-you-learn” Guaranteed Wage Progression
      Nationally Recognized & Credentials

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Educate and guide individuals through alternative career paths | Support employers in starting an apprenticeship program | Connect apprentices and sponsors.


  • Full-time job with structured On-The-Job-Training
  • Path to a career with an employer or within an industry
  • Wage increase commensurate with increases in skills and abilities
  • A portable, industry-recognized credential
  • Access to post-secondary education, training, degrees & industry credentials
  • Partnership with local college institutions


  • Creates a skilled talent pipeline, “Build vs Buy”
  • Reduces cost by developing within
  • Over a 170 different programs to choose from;
  • Employee Retention: >80% of completers stay
  • Access to post-secondary education, training, degrees & industry credentials
  • Industry Retention: >91% of apprentices are employed upon completing their program
  • Mentoring and coaching for current employees


Over the past 2 years, Michael has spent time promoting these types of programs to high school seniors, educating them that it is possible to pursue a career path that does not require obtaining a college degree first.

  • Local High Schools
  • Community Organizations/Non-profits
  • Vocational/Tech Schools
  • Organic Candidate Pool

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