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The Exhibitions and Events Industry.
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The Exhibitions and Events Workforce Development Federation was founded in response to the challenges of individuals in our community network. We are made up of those whose livelihood comes from the work created by the exhibitions and events industry.

By creating a centralized platform, the Exhibitions and Events Workforce Development Federation will help those in our community network find the support and resources they need right now and for their growth in the future. We work in partnership with other organizations to provide a central point to share the good works and advocacy being done by our many allied industry associations.

By fostering collaboration, the six primary verticals within our industry – Corporate, Occasions, Fairs and Festivals, Performances, Sports, Political Conventions, and Fundraising – can unite around the shared objective of workforce development. This collective effort aims to establish the groundwork for a NAICS Code. 

Through the Federation, we can seize the chance to enhance our impact on education by modernizing career cluster frameworks and instituting O*NET Codes for the diverse array of jobs represented within our workforce. This initiative serves to reinforce our unwavering dedication to our fundamental mission: Connecting, Supporting, and Developing our industry’s workforce.

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  • Mentoring
  • Trade Union Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
  • DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program
  • Educational Workshops & Webinars
  • Networking and Industry Resources
  • Job Board
  • Community Network Support & Advocacy
  • Financial Assistance





Steps to improve the visibility and support of the Exhibitions and Events Industry include:

Data collection and Analysis: Collecting and analyzing data on the economic impact of the Exhibitions and Events Industry can help to demonstrate its significance to policymakers and the public. This data can also be used to inform policy decisions and investments in the industry.

Advocacy and Education: Raising awareness of the challenges facing the Exhibitions and Events Industry and educating policymakers and the public on its economic and cultural significance is key to securing support for the industry. This can be done through targeted advocacy campaigns, media outreach, and partnerships with industry organizations and associations.

Industry Collaboration and Coordination: The Exhibitions and Events Industry encompasses a diverse range of businesses, from event production companies to venue operators and suppliers. Collaboration and coordination between these different segments of the industry can help to strengthen the industry as a whole and to build a unified voice for advocacy and policy initiatives.

Support for Workers:  The Exhibitions and Events Industry employs millions of workers, including gig workers, trade unions, and other professionals. Supporting these workers through training and workforce development initiatives, as well as advocating for policies that protect their rights and benefits, is essential to the long-term success of the industry.

Access to Resources and Financing: The Exhibitions and Events Industry often requires significant investment in infrastructure, equipment, and personnel. Ensuring that businesses in the industry have access to the resources and financing they need to grow and succeed is critical to the industry’s future.

Partnership with Government: Building strong partnerships with local, state, and federal government agencies can help to secure the support and resources needed to grow the Exhibitions and Events Industry. This can include funding for infrastructure projects, support for workforce development initiatives, and favorable tax policies.